Nov 28, 2010

toy-collectwhore: Sinestro Corps Batman

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Alright, so this is me finally coming out of the closet publicly saying...yes, I still play with toys.  Oh gawd that was some major burden and weight off my shoulders so since we are all honest with one another-- why not get into what is the first installment of many revs I will be busting on my toys.  No.  You are in the wrong place if you think this is for d*ck rings or dildos so please, move on.

If you frequent dope spots like The Fwoosh, Articulated Discussion or are just an old-school cat reminiscing on your O.G Transformers, Voltron or G.I.Joes..well this is the spot for you. whole approach on reviewing is based on three things:
#1 Artistic Integrity:  Meaning how well does this sculpt interpret the original art/concept from the source material?
#2 Fun Factor: Out of the box, what you got?  Stiff articulation, serious poser or wot?!
#3 Fo-reals brah: This is where we round it all up and connect on relevance, significance and just about anything else that comes to mind on dakine.

Sinestro Corps Batman

Artistic Integrity:  The look of the figure is less of an authentic rendition from when Bats was selected as a Sinestro Corps Lantern back in Green Lantern #17, but this is more of a what if Batman was not able to fight off the bling and took on the mantle as Yellow Lantern of Sector 2814.  As Sinestro demands it, there are very few deviations from standard Sinestro Corps fatigues and the figure reflects that.  I appreciate the scowl that gives Sinestro Corps Batman just the look of villainy to strike fear in his enemies hearts.
3 out of 5 shakas   

Fun Factor:  The Four Horsemen, master craftsman of Mattel are well-known on balancing posability with artistic interpretation when making their sculpts.  And though it is a bit tough posing Sinestro Corps Bats in certain ways-- mainly cause of the weight of the cape-- you got max points of articulation and smooth joints like most DCUC pieces.  The bat-hook construct is a nice add, but would have been cooler as actual bats as it was envisioned by Ivan Reis.
4 out of 5 shakas

Fo-reals brah:  When DC Universe Classic Wave 15 came out, I knew that Raven would be an automatic buy-- as for Sinestro Corps Batman-- it wasn't until I saw it at a shop and thought, you know that is a really dope fig!  Sure, like the Green Lantern Batman & Black Lantern Batman released by DC Direct -- they only represent a quick fanboy moment where Bats is donned with the power ring, but being Batman is easily the most fearsome of DCU heroes-- having a Sinestro Corps Batman toy makes so much sense.
Admit it, he fits right in with the rest of the Sinestro Corps yeah?!  This fig is a sold pickup for any of you posers out there and is given a total fig review score of 
4 out of 5 shakas

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