Oct 10, 2009

if you don't know, now you know- Booster Gold

1:50 PM

My local dealer (Ryan of Comics Conspiracy) has been trying to introduce me to some new product, the name of the stash is Booster Gold.

I was hesitant to jump on though I knew DC put a lot into revitalizing his character as a focal point in 52, but he always reminded me of the lame early 90's superhero that was always more style over substance. After reading the most recent 5 issues I became hooked!    

Dan Jurgens (who created Booster back in 86) writes and pencils, with finishes by Norm Rapmund and impressive colors by HiFi.  The book was originally kicked off by Geoff Johns & Jeff Katz with the aforementioned tasked with the art and what stood out was I hardly noticed when Jurgens took over the wordsmith duties sometime after issue 14 I think.

This is a testament to how much time and energy DC has worked on rebooting Booster, along with the creative development on Jurgen's writing-style.

With Booster Gold you get to taste the best of characters that DC has to offer through history in his time-cop tasks as assigned by time-master/boss- Rip Hunter.  Along with experiencing the dramatic shift of Michael Carter to more of a primary role (not unlike what we have seen in the last 5 years with Hal Jordan) in the Multiverse, we also get the fun bro-mance moments you expect whether it is with Rip, Blue Beetle, Skeets or just with himself.

Along with lesser known titles like Secret Six, Outsiders and Sirens of Gotham- Booster Gold shines amongst the best of my monthly reads.  Pick it up yo!

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