Dec 6, 2010

toy-collectwhore: Power Girl

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Yes, yes ya'll!  Jumping right into my second rev on those magnificent T4AC (toys for adult collectors).  And I am not shitting you-- that is how they are labeled on the box.  Since this is rev #2 I will drop again how I flex the architect on reviewing that's based on three things:
#1 Artistic Integrity: How well does this sculpt interpret the original art/concept from the source material?
#2 Fun Factor: Out of the box, what you got?  Stiff articulation, serious poser or wot?!
#3 Fo-reals brah: This is where we round it all up and connect on relevance, significance and just about anything else that comes to mind on dakine.

Power Girl

Artistic Integrity:  You would think that we would get sick and tired of all those boob-references with Power Girl...but they just never get old.  Yeah, fave has to be the Palmiotti/Conner reference to them as snowglobes.  Bwahahah!   Really appreciate that the Four Horseman went with a more female than manly physique for PG.  I swear-- tho I love Phil Jimenez, his roided out version of PG still haunts me in my nightmares.  The only thing I can nit-pick on how well this fig connects to the art is, the body is just a tad dainty and her face would have been better served with more likeness to how Amanda Conner draws her (less slanty eyes).
4 out of 5 shakas 

Fun Factor:  The maxed out points of articulation allows PG to rock just about any pose you can think of.  Throw in a Mattel flight stand and forget about it.  As much as I love how tight the DC Direct sculpts link closer to the artist's rendition of a character-- if you can't pose em- it really limits how you can make em shine on the shelf.  Posers have more fun bruddah!
5 out of 5 shakas

Fo-reals brah:  There have been several iterations of Power Girl to highlight her Kryptonian assets on your shelves-- but not one figure has really put it all together like this.  The two figs that come to mind that range the closest in level of craftsmanship are the DC Direct Armory and Infinite Crisis lines of PG.  Besides maybe the detail in the face lacking what those other lines hit on so well (they were both using the same mold)-- the DCUC Wave 10 Power Girl is the beesknees.

How can we not throw a shout to the new school Justice Society with of course Chairwoman PG at the lead...hey, where is Sandman at??

4 out of 5 shakas  

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