Aug 13, 2010

Life Imitates Art- Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

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Ah yeah!  With the opening of the Universal Pictures 8-bit logo/midi-remix I looked around the packed theatre to see half of peeps thinking they were about to play Super Mario Bros, Sonic the Hedgehog or *insert classic videogame here*, while the rest of the house knew what was going on--just sitting back all smug-- ready for the NES-throwback, zany, air-juggle antics thanks to the massive Edgar Wright/Bryan Lee O'Malley combo.

You all should know by now, this flick is an epic of epic epicness. That is some big expectations to try and deliver on right? And well I really was ready with my librarian-level snark to catch some filmmaker slip-ups and rip this dood a new a-hole for fucking up this OGN classic. Well...

I was straight swinging by Wright's balls from the first 10 minutes in and that was not an easy feat being that I was already invested in O'Malley's 6 volume, 900+ page, 6 years in the making life work.  All of the witty, humorous subtleties found in each page was remarkably envisioned on the big-screen.  You knew Michael Cera was gonna bring it, I mean who else could play Scott Pilgrim?  Nobody.  Cera was Scott Pilgrim for 158 minutes and the rest of the cast were damn close to delivering on their roles as if they were pulled from the black & white pages like an A-ha music video.

But when it all came down to it the scene-stealers that sent the crowd into OH! and AHH! from their captivating nature or bust-a-gut in laughter was Ellen Wong as the pathetically, adorable Knives Chau and Kieran Culkin as the gay roomate/whore, Wallace Wells.

Despite the genius-infusion of videogame nostalgia, pixel-popping, RPG level-ups-- this film totally brings you to a time of youth when we are all about love, friendships, good music and just being part of the gang-- which really are themes that we never really grow out of right?   

After watching Scott Pilgrim vs the World today, I ended up rebooting the series and started reading from Volume 1 again, laughing to myself and reliving moments from the film- which I know I will be re-watching this weekend.  Oh and if you have an iPad-- you should totally peep out Comixology-- as they have put together a dope way to experience the story in its entirety and it even comes with a free digital comic!!

Last plug I promise-- one of Scott's high school flashbacks that didn't make the film, could we see a full animated version in the future??

Okay I need to go rock out to some Guitar Hero now, toodles!!

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