Aug 13, 2010

New Trailer! Superman/Batman: Apocalypse

10:35 AM

DCU Animated has been hard at work churning out those marvelous animated films with Crisis on Two Earths, Under the Red Hood and the next Superman/Batman story adapted from the fan-favorite, Return of Supergirl arc-- created by Jeph Loeb and Michael Turner.

Bruce Timm is back at the helm and they even have the lead voice talents of Kevin Conroy & Tim Daly returning from the Public Enemies film, which is always a nice touch in keeping that link to those oh-so-familiar protagonists.  What I am most excited about with this story is the deep connections that Loeb/Turner were able to unravel between of course Superman and Batman, but also Wonderwoman- who plays a role in mentoring Supergirl in using her powers. 

But lets not forget the mad-serious action like the DC Trinity taking on the army of Doomsday clones!!  How could they not include that--shoots!!  Superman/Batman: Apocalyspe hits shelves on September 28th.

With the news of the Black Adam short releasing with the DC Showcase DVD November 9th and the following DCU Animated film to be adapted from Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly's All-Star Superman run-- how can you not be hyped?!

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