Aug 17, 2010

if you don't know, now you know- Daredevil No More?

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Yes, I have been seeing and hearing all the buzz on a new Man Without Fear coming out of the Shadowland series from SDCC through the last month, but it really wasn't until this mornings November solicitations from Marvel-- when it really hit me that I won't be having a regular place to read good ole' horn-head on a monthly basis.

I love how they are going out with a bang with the character-driven plotlines, fully exploring DD's history & mythos, along with backing the title(s) with A-list talent though the book has not really ever garnered Top 20 sales (usually in the 30K range in monthly sales putting it around #40-50 in book sales).

Diggle, Larocca and Johnston have mosdef surpassed my expectations on their follow-up of Daredevil after the masterworks provided via Ed Brubaker, David Aja and Michael Lark.  By continuing the degenerative direction of Matt Murdock's persona, with all of his close relationships and moral ties to all but dissolve-- Daredevil has become truly lost and corrupted as planned by the inner circle of the Hand.

And that bring us to now, where we will see his cast of pals- attempt to bring him back but will in the next 2 months most likely fail.  It is my hope that they keep DD or whatevs his name will be, in his newfound world as the evil Shogan of the Hand as it ups the creative game for writers and artists to take longtime icons to new places and in turn allows for peripheral character like say, Power Man and Iron Fist to come in and help fill the void (they will be getting their own title in January!)

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