Jun 24, 2010

Da' Opinion- Cheaters never win

10:27 AM

Sophocles was known to have said, "I would prefer even to fail with honor than win by cheating." Unfortunately, many who online game do not follow the ancient Greek's words. Within the Call of Duty/Modern Warfare community, the act of "Boosting" is when a player joins a game, invites their friend into the game to meet in a remote location and begin killing each other to obtain quicker points, weapons and rank. Once they reach 25 kills, a player calls in a Tactical Nuke Killstreak ending the game (quickly sometimes), depriving honest players of points and rewards.

Although frowned upon by many players, Developer Infinity Ward allows boosting. Yet, some players make it a hobby to stop boosters such as sandyravage, bobgodz, kpopp and Poland's ps3houseMPDL.

These booster slayers have gained popularity with up to a million YouTube views and thousands of subscribers. They're fun to watch as they locate cheaters within remote areas of a map and begin putting the smack down. In response, some cheaters will send nasty messages or drop out of a game completely. And added bonus is hearing the barage of curses or the pleads for the booster slayers to stop.

All in all, it sure makes for some good down time.

At 3:01, Prisoner36 drops the riot shield annoyance.

ps3HouseMDL laying it down...

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