Jun 24, 2010

Mixed Plate Thursday- Week of 6.23.2010

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Every other week feels like feast or famine with the release of books-- at least with what keeps me flippin -- and yesterday's batch of pulls are straight massive:  Green Lantern Corps #49 / Secret Warriors #17 / Joe the Barbarian #6 / Superman #700 / Birds of Prey #2 / Justice League: Generation Lost #4 / Wolverine: Weapon X #14 / Avengers #2 / Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3 / Legion of Superheroes #2 / Fantastic Four #580 /  Wolverine Origins #49  /  Power Girl #13  / Zatanna #2  / Justice League: The Rise of Arsenal #4  / Superman/Batman #73

My list usually reflects what I wanna read first and rarely are the outcomes totally off from how good the book actually is, but this week I am so off my game...
1   Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3 Grant Morrison, Yanick Paquette, Michel Lacombe
GMo is the shit. And that is why I have been one of those wankers saying how bad this book has been...until this ish!

Finally, we stop seeing Bruce drooling all over himself thru time like a tard and from the beginning we even get some connection back to his standoff with Darkseid from Final Crisis.

I was clamoring over this pirate arc more than any of the other time-jumps cos I just felt like Morrison would take us to places we have been waiting for in this series.  You did it buddy! Thanks.  I loved the play on the Black Pirate, got pumped seeing all those Goonie-like booby traps and I don't know if it was intended (come on this is GMo we are talking about!) but didn't that purple cowl feel Zurrenrah-ish?  Paquette's environments and illmatic imagery has been my fave pairing with Morrison so far.

2   Power Girl #13  Judd Winick & Sami Basri
I have yet to follow PG in her solo stories but have been covering her in the JSA books.  After reading this book which, honestly-- I only picked up cause of Basri's jaw-dropping cover-- dood...was I lucky that I did.  I mean, Winick has skills, no doubt. Really vibing off his trifecta scribe-fest with Red Hood, Generation Lost and now PG-- but this Basri cat is one bad man.

Some peeps that really blow me away on covers (Adrian Syaf and Lenil Yu) can get lazy and lose their flow with interiors.  No half-stepping here.  Imagine a combination of Francis Manapul's unique style/paneling  & Yoshitaka Amano's meticulous designs and line work.  Play it again Sam!

The blending of story threads between the return of Max Lord and Infinite Crisis brought two things together that I am a huge fan of-- the JLI and OMACs!!!  Though this was probably more a one-shot of both being that PG has no memory of it thanks to Max, I am sold that this is a great time to jump on.

3   Wolverine: Weapon X #14  Jason Aaron & Ron Garney
Though GLC (return of my second fave Jurgens' creation) and Superman (so looking forward to JMS first full book!) were neck in neck with getting the 3 spot of my top reads, Aaron & Garney just couldn't be denied.

Rather than continue down the easy road of telling the Deathlok tale from the heroes-side-- they straight flip the script and make one of the killer cyborgs play lead role.  We are taken down familiar scenes from past issues but from the other perspective (straight Eastwood stylee- Flag of Our Fathers/Iwo Jima) and this wacko-"Peacelok" has more to him than just being the most efficient cray-cray of the batch.  As usual Garney kills, literally.

So the books that were the least tasty of my weekly fanboy feasting were Wolverine Origins #49, Legion of Superheroes #2 and Fantastic Four #580.  With Origins I am just stupified how Way isn't finishing up his run with more umph.  I feel like I am being taken down memory lane and summarizing what happened the last few books way too much.  Yeah, way.  As for Legion- I was a bit disappointed on the drop of quality from last the last ish and it didn't help that Cinar shared the visual work with Wayne Faucher which made the book feel a bit disjointed.  Also, it seems Levitz is feeling obligated to make sure all 100 Legionnaires are somehow mentioned in the book rather than keep subplots more isolated like his last ish.  Boo. 

Finally, Hickman's Fantastic Four.  Pronea for life fool.  But Arcade and Impossible Man are two names/characters that should not be the centerpiece of any book, let alone being in the same ish.  This felt like leadup filler, though I am intrigued on how the kids may have a "cure" for the Thing.  We will see.

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