Mar 22, 2010

Millar is Killing It

4:13 PM

So we start the celebration of Mark Millar through the next month first with Nemesis- hyped as the next big comic event with partner in crime, Steve McNiven-- hitting shops this Wednesday.  And about 3 weeks later the masses will be storming the theatres to catch the comics to screen sensation- Kick-Ass.

I was laughing away to Millar's tweet this AM how Kick-Ass is just a $100 million advertisement to his comicbooks.  Yeah dood.  The kinda crazy thing is how much pull he has already garnered with tinseltown being that his flick will be competing directly with The Losers, Iron Man 2, Clash of the Titans and Tron: Legacy.  On top of that, Nemesis was supposedly in talks for its movie rights 3 months ago.  Hhwhat?!?!?  

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