Mar 18, 2010

RIP せば じゅん aka Nujabes

2:35 PM

I am stunned. Just read about the way too early passing of one of my top sources of inspiration through sound- Nujabes. Shing02--one of his most famed collaborators-- helped to put together this memorial post yesterday.

Jun Seba's genius understanding of linking jazz with 90's hip-hop and other styles in my humble opinion was never before so eloquently mastered or blended in a way that touches the soul.  Nujabes is right up there with the pioneer/stewards of this movement- Pete Rock, Guru, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fat Jon.

So many of his tracks puts us in those other realms of mental relaxation- Counting Stars, Feather, Kumomi, Highs 2 Lows and so on. 

Rest in Peace.

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big O
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