Oct 5, 2009

Life Imitates Art- The Losers

4:58 PM

Thanks to twitpic via Andy Diggle, got this shot of Zoe Saldana all fitted up on set in Puerto Rico for her role in the next big comics to screen hit- The Losers.

Zoe's portrayal of Uhura in last year's blockbuster Star Trek,  made men and women drool at the like's of her Dominican, Lebanese, Indian, Irish, Jamaican-mix and definitely showcased her ability to keep it sexy with a nasty edge-- which should be more than needed for her role as Aisha.

With Avatar set to hit in the Holidays, Warner Bros will have the big name actor they need to drive crowds into theatres for what should be an eye-popping, adrenaline filled IMAX experience.

Let's all hope that this adaptation, directed by Sylvain White (slated to bring Frank Miller's Ronin to reel-ity), delivers on the promise of the Eisner award winning story by Diggle and Jock that seems to be all but made as a script/storyboard for film.

The resemblance of the shot to the artwork below is incredible. I wonder if she studied that pose just to make it connect back to the book.

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