Oct 6, 2009

Missed Connections- Wolverine & Hulk

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These two maniacal icons of the House of Ideas(Marvel) have linked pasts and a history of violence that surprisingly have only recently started to be exploited and marketed to it's potential.  Let's take a roll down memory lane on some of Wolvie and Brucie's greatest hits:

The Incredible Hulk 181 Len Wein and Herb Trimpe 1974

The first full appearance of Wolverine and from the outset of their meeting- lengthy, cheeky dialogue was not a big part of their interaction.   The Hulk finds himself in Canada on the hunt for the Wendigo, where (bom-chika-wow-wow) Wolverine enters the spotlight and steals this dance.

Besides a few skirmishes here and there between say the X-Men and Hulk, there really is no significant gathering of the two until the late eighties!

The Incredible Hulk 340 Peter David and Todd McFarlane, 1988

Not only are we treated by one of the greatest Hulk scribes in Peter David but the legendary Todd McFarlane teases us on his unique style that is only later fully realized in his Amazing Spiderman run.

I suppose the time that has passed between Logan and Bruce only makes things more violent and tasty for all of us readers.  And really, how much bloodshed did we see in this issue besides, say some green-blood.  WEAK!

But, definitely more on the right track on developing this special bond.

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk  Damon Lindelof and Leinil Francis Yu, 2006

Now this is more like it!  Lindelof/Yu takes us down scenarios where Hulk destroys half of NY, we have a black Nick Fury and he sics his boy Wolverine on em.
Okay, so as I am going through this I see how the average reader has matured through the last 20 years and well, maybe we are finally ready for this gory shit!

Hulk Vs  Frank Paur / Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost, 2009

nuff said!

Giant Size Wolverine: Old Man Logan  Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, 2009

Ah, yes.  Sure it took awhile (not like Lindelof/Yu), but damn wasn't it worth it!

The thought of two old guys taking eachother on to the death never really crossed my mind as being so fucking entertaining.

No spoilers here.  You gotta pick it up for yourself...BUT, the shining hope we have in the final page is that we CAN finally see a regular book that highlights two of Marvel's premier characters in Wolverine and Hulk.                                                    

As for title treatment, maybe not the World's Finest.                             

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