Nov 9, 2011

PULL THIS! *points to long box* -or- Bucky's Picks for the week of 11/09/11

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Long time listener, first time caller... It's been a bit since you've heard from me and I thought I would re-introduce myself with a (hopefully) weekly column where I tell you what to read. And if you don't read what I tell you, you are indeed an idiot. I've cut my weekly pull way back and have focused on quality over quantity. In this column I'll focus mainly on my pick of the week and some quick entries on my other purchases. Let's begin...

Batwoman #3. There are filmmakers, like Wong Kar Wai, who makes movies that you could essentially pause the flick at any time and the frame you are looking at is worthy or hanging on your wall. I feel the same about JH Williams III's artwork. Hands down, he is the best working artist in any mainstream comic title. Period. Just gorgeous pencils and he is also handling the writing chores on this book. Greg Rucka started writing this book back in the good 'ole normal DC universe (meaning before all this new 52 nonsense) and really the character hasn't changed with the new universe of with the new writer.

They made a big deal about this character being a lesbian when she was re-introduced back into Batman Universe a few years ago which was just sensational gobbley-gook. It was good press though and I hope it brought in a bunch of readers cause I don't want this book going anywhere. Character wise, what sets her apart from the "Robins" in Gotham is that she was never a protege of Batman and has military/soldier upbringing instead. Essentially she works independently of Bats but he still makes the occasional appearance.

The big draw for me has always been and will always be William's art and should you want to meet the man in person he will be appearing at the always awesome Isotope Comic Lounge in San Francisco:


-Punisher Max #19. Best Punisher book on the market. Aaron and Dillion are in the middle of a great creative run on this book.

-Avenging Spider-Man #1. I can't recommend this book as I haven't read it... yet. But it does have pencils by Madureira AND my comic shop was giving away Ultimate X-Men #1 with every purchase of this book. So there you go...

See you next Comic Book Wednesday!

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