Nov 10, 2011

Back to the Future Cover O' the Day- "Weapon X"

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Marvel Comics Presents #79
Marvel Comics, March 1991
Writer / Artist: Barry Windsor-Smith   

BWS original take on early Logan till today ranks second on all of the Wolverine history books, first going to the classic Frank Miller limited series.  But one could argue that this origin story had a bigger impact on the mythos of Logan and beyond with it evolving to eventually be the far-reaching Weapon X program that this arc introduced.  I went with this cover being that its just the most bloody, grimy and has the best depiction of Logan in that crazy robotic-simulation helmet.

This cover takes me back to high school days when I used to pickup Marvel Comics Presents as an affordable way of reading various stories on the cheap.  Any of the Presents books from DC, Dark Horse or Marvel for today's high schooler is still a bargain but with way more pages of stories to enjoy (usually 60-80 pages vs. the standard 32 then).

Fun Fact:  The Weapon X program created a long list of mutant powerhouses like Sabretooth, Omega Red, Deadpool, Wildchild, Fantomex, X-23 and Daken.  The program even has ties to Marvel's original juicer- Captain America.

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