Oct 23, 2011

Top 10 Geeky Costumes for Men

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Still in need of a Halloween costume? Time is running out with Halloween lurking right around the corner, so putting together a costume from scratch is almost impossible at this point. Luckily, there are some decent pre-made costumes that can arrive at your door before the weekend Halloween parties start - provided that you select fast shipping of course. Seeing that we all at Comics & Dakine are a bunch of geeks, the only costumes you'll see listed here are geektastic.

Check out my top 10 geeky costumes for men:

10. Waluigi

Mario? He already gets a lot of attention. Luigi? Sure, people like him too. But what about Waluigi? Yeah, he's been voted one of the most annoying video game characters. But that mustache! It's an EVIL MUSTACHE!

9. Jawa

Star Wars costumes are popular, but usually you only see Vader, Stormtroopers, or Slave Leia. How many times have you seen someone dressed as a Jawa for Halloween? Exactly. That's what makes this pre-made option so cool.

8. X-Wing Fighter Pilot

Yeah yeah, I know. Another Star Wars costume. But yet again it's a costume that is not as common as the others I mentioned before. And how fun would it be to walk around all night randomly telling people to "stay on target"?

7. Kratos

Another one for the gamers out there. Granted, it's a little bit cooler if you have the actual muscle build of Kratos if you're going to dress up as him. But this costume doesn't completely over-do the fake muscles and it's officially licensed, making it officially perfect for God of War fans.

6. Scorpion

My favorite male character from Mortal Kombat, Scorpion. This is the first time I've seen a pre-made Mortal Kombat costume, period. In fact, I almost bought this one for myself. It's bad ass looking and perfect for a Mortal Kombat fan that wants to come correct on Halloween.

Note: a friend of mine told me the costume isn't of great quality. However, I read many reviews saying that with a little bit of finesse it can really work in a pinch, which why it still qualifies for this "last minute" geeky costumes list.

5. Thor

Why not embrace your love of comics and ride the wave of the movie by wearing this Thor costume? It's nicely made for a pre-packaged costume and carrying around the Mjölnir will make you feel like a bad ass.

4. Captain America

Yet another way to boast your love of comics and gain even more recognition thanks to the movie. Represent the pinnacle of human physical perfection, Captain America.

3. Red Skull

I already listed Captain America, but check out this Red Skull costume! Why not mix it up and be a bad guy this year? Sure, it's not really considered glamorous to be a villain known for being a Nazi agent, but the mask looks pretty amazing and horrifying at the same time. It is Halloween after all.

2. Magneto

What is it about the bad guys? They certainly have some of the best outfits. That's why I listed this awesome Magneto costume. It is the classic Magneto from the comics too, making it cooler costume than a movie version costume.

1. Cobra Commander

Cobra f-ing Commander, man. He's certainly evil and turns out, he had some schemes under his belt that could actually work. And as far as pre-made costumes go this one looks pretty damned legit, making it the number one costume on my list.

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