Oct 23, 2011

Top 10 Geeky Costumes for Women & Unisex Options

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Halloween is next week and all the parties are going to start by the weekend. Ladies, are you still in need of a costume?

Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.

That quote about Halloween from the movie Mean Girls is right so I had to include it here. When it comes to pre-made costumes, there is a ton of "slut wear" available. I myself find nothing wrong with showing a little skin, but if you're going to show skin, choose something geeky rather than something generic!

Showing skin is not at all a requirement of Halloween though. There are definitely some pre-made, awesome costumes that flaunt pure geekiness rather than flesh.

Check out my top 10 geeky costumes for women:

Green Lantern

Rather than fake male muscles, show your love for Green Lantern with this female version of the full body costume. Complete with female muscular detail, it's a great way to wear something well fitting without showing skin!

Sweet Pea

I found Sucker Punch to be an outright snooze-fest. But I gotta admit, Sweet Pea's costume reminded me of some sort of bad ass kung-fu character.


It's a little weird to have a somewhat sexy version of a beloved classic cartoon character from The Jetsons, but this Rosie costume was too cute not to share. I almost want to buy it just for the purse!


Classy yet still very feminine, this Supergirl costume is perfect for fans of this classic heroine.


Female versions of male characters usually fall flat, but it turns out that this female version of Wolverine turned out quite decent. Not a bad choice if you are running out of time for a costume!


Daughter of Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Girl was the longest-running superhero book with a lead female character ever published by Marvel. Although it's not the costume from the comics, I loved this costume due to its retro style.


Holy crap, a Mortal Kombat costume for women! I prefer Kitana's costume from MK2, but I still think it's awesome that there's a pre-made costume for Kitana, period.


So what if Mileena has tarkatan teeth? She's a bad ass fighter and knows how to wield a pair of sais. Again, I prefer a different version of her costume, but it's not a bad choice if you are pinched for time.


NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA, BATGIRL! It'd be way cooler if it were a version that has pants, but with time running out it's hard to beat this decent quality Batgirl costume. Don a red wing and be everyone's favorite version of Batgirl, Babs Gordon.

Hit Girl

Maybe it's strange to dress up as a character who is supposed to be 10 years old, but there is no question that Hit Girl is one of the toughest comic book heroines around. This particular costume is the movie version, but Kick-Ass was definitely a comic book movie that succeeded at delivering the essence of her character, making this costume worthy of my #1 spot.

Bonus: Unisex Options

We don't have to be limited to costumes specified for women of course! You could always check out my Top 10 Geeky Costumes for Men for some alternative options.

My personal favorites that I would love to wear in the future include a X-Wing Fighter Pilot from Star Wars and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

Here's some more unisex options to check out:

Stay Puft



Boba Fett

And the pinnacle of awesome, in my opinion of course, the Imperial Guard costume. It's definitely not cheap though, so be sure you can drop this kind of cash before placing an order!

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