Jul 26, 2011

SDCC 2011: Cosplayin It

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Believe it or not this was my first time cosplayin it at the mecca of SDCC. I usually rock my TK-stylee at Wondercon every year but once I heard that its moving south to Anaheim for a few years, I figured it was time to get used to calling it cosplay for a day and blank out everything else from the schedule.  Since Saturday is the biggest cosplay day of the con (night of the masquerade plays a part)-- me and Dark Sith Cupcake showed our Imperial allegiance for as long as our sanity allowed...usually 5 to 6 hours is the most I can bust in costume.
This years big add on to the fit was a bigger chestpiece that I scored from a costume shop in the UK.  The replacement armor was great as it provided more coverage than I had before over the torso, was much better quality and the paint shine matched more closely to my ESB afx bucket (helmet).  For NYCC I will definitely be investing in some Nike Pro Combat shorts to help with avoiding armor slippage that usually causes bruises and cuts in your skin. 

Many peeps have been reporting that this years show had  much less participation from fans in cosplay but I think what really happened was there was so many attendees this year that don't usually dress-up that it appeared this way.  One thing I know for sure is that I saw way more cosplay going on all throughout the gaslamp and outer rims of downtown-- as far as West Village and Little Italy even.

My personal faves that I saw during the show were all of the Mass Effect heads at the Bioware party across from the con, those Metal Gear Solid sentries that were even making that "!" sound, Isis, Psylocke, the Mandalorian troop from the 501st and of course those sickass Transformers.

What were some of the more imaginative cosplay and getups that you saw or rocked yourselves? Feel free to post some of yours and we will load them in with the rest of our slideshow. Peace and see you at NYCC!!

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