Jul 28, 2011

SDCC 2011: Our Top Con Moments

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We were all walking back from enjoying some QT C&D time together with dinner and drinks on SDCC Sunday night and as we made our final stroll in front of the Convention Center-- laughing, busting eachother out, recalling different solo adventures or shared experiences-- Crystal thought it would be a great idea to drop a co-op post that talks about our fave moment of SDCC.  Wanna hear it?  Here it go...

OMAR:  This is always a tough thang to isolate just one experience in all of the epic craziness that I tend to find myself in at SDCC, but to go out and just pick one...it would have to be my chance encounter with DC Entertainment President- Diane Nelson.  I rarely find myself all tongue tied or dare I say the word star-struck.  And I was a bit of both when Diane gracefully strolled by me to sitdown for one of the DC: New 52 panels.

Diane was super cool when I approached her for a pic together-- she actually came off a bit embarrassed and surprised that I asked which made me even more happy.  We often find ourselves running after the story with the creators but how fucking dope is it to actually get up-close-and personal with the DCE Prez through a whole damn panel?!  Thanks Diane!

CRYSTAL:  I haven't been to Comic-Con in years mainly because I never have the funds in time to score tickets. Thankfully this year I'm part of the Comics & Dakine family and we had a blast so really the entire Con was my favorite! But since I am here to pick just one, I shall.

I'm a little bit of a Mass Effect fanatic and Saturday during the early evening Betty and I were at the BioWare base. There were several highlights within this one stop: I got to talk to BioWare's David Silverman and several others on the BioWare team, I got a sneak peak at Star Wars: The Old Republic, I met the voice actress for Mass Effect's FemShep, Jennifer Hale. The pinnacle though was when suddenly and unexpectedly, Michael Hogan, aka Captain Bailey aka COLONEL TIGH OF BATTLESTAR GALACTICA arrived at the party. Hell yes.

TREY:  I experienced a bunch of Comic-Con moments that qualify as awesome (Robert Rodriguez panel, the hilarious "Always Sunny" and "Childrens Hospital" panels), but only two that qualify as my favorites:
1.  On my very first night of Comic-Con, I joined Big O and Betty for an open bar preview of THQ's Darksiders 2. When I arrived, O and Betty were already asserting their questionable influence over Darksiders 2 developer/artistic badass Joe Mad by ordering him beer after beer after beer. This (among other unmentionable things) loosened Joe up for an interview with Betty as well as a walk-through Joe was scheduled to preside over in about 15 minutes. THQ's PR guy wisely came by and pulled Joe from our grasp.

But that's not the best part! That came during Joe's aforementioned walk-through, when he repeatedly dissed our admittedly loud (and possibly rude) booth for not being able to handle our drinks. Whatever, Joe, don't lump me in with those two freaks!
2.  I accompanied Crystal during the Mass Effect "march" (it just went around the block). I couldn't quite get into the chants ("Mass Effect! Mass Effect!" and "Bioware! Bioware!"), but then the march leader said something that struck me as weird - "Safety first! Safety first!" I was pretty sure I just didn't hear the words right, but it sounded like a funny thing to say during a march to promote a video game. So I got behind it 100%, being sure to enunciate: "SAFETY FIRST! SAFETY FIRST!" A few other clowns got behind it, too.

Turns out we were supposed to be saying "Save the Earth!" Close enough.

BETTY:  Whilst attending a 501st costuming panel (Dressing to Serve the Empire), one of the attendees waltzed in late in a complete Cher costume: black thong leotard, fish nets, big curly wig, and a mic. All 6'4 of her.  We were trying not to stare, but she definitely stuck out as a sore thumb. Of course, she plopped down right next to me.

As the FAQ session began, she suddenly stood up and asked the panelists, "How do one go about making and submitting for a Chewbacca costume?" There was silence.

I said, "Please leave the room, rebel scum. You don't belong here." 

She immediately sat down and quizzically looked at me. "I don't understand," she muttered, turning red. "I thought this was a Star Wars panel." I shook my head and responded, "No, this is for the Imperial. I suggest that you leave. Now." Confused, but obedient, she walked swiftly out the door. There were chuckles and applause upon her departure. You just don't mess with the Imperial.

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