Jul 25, 2011

SDCC 2011: DC Universe Classics and Beyond

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Always a regular first stop for me on Preview Night is the Mattel/DC Universe Classics Booth. Everything that was shown in the main showcase was either the show exclusives or connected to the Wave 19 line which I am not the biggest fan of. What I was pumped to check out though was the final boxed packaging of the Crime Syndicate 5-pack and the figs in all of their 6" glory.  This must have Walmart exclusive will be hitting shelves in the next few weeks.
I walked around the corner to see the Batman Legacy line and instantly went right to the Catman fig that has been long rumored.  The detailing on the fig from its color-match to details of including his claw gauntlets and 5 hour shadow are on point.  Though not really into many of the Legacy line minus Batmite & Catman (both in Wave 2- avail in late October) will be definite buys to round out the Suicide Squad.  Had to get a shot of the completed C&C Parallax that is one big mutha indeed.

At the Mattel x DC panel, they made some very news worthy announcements like the end of the DC Universe Classics line (at least in name) with Wave 20.  The purpose of this is to align with the look and feel
of what they are doing in The New 52, which is a bit of a delay being the comics kick off next month, but I suppose there is always a delay in the toys.  Following Wave 19, that was primarily a JSA homage-- Mattel picks up where they left off with the Blackest Night (Rainbow Lanterns) line and bring the focus
around characters that were part of the event to follow- Brightest Day.

Sure, I understand many of the hardcore Fourhorseman/Mattel followers don't really pickup DC Direct pieces but I do and whatevs, guess I will be just holding out for these instead of some of the DC Direct counterparts.

DCUC Wave 20 includes 7 pieces- Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Reverse Flash, Hawk, Dove and two others that will be presented in October at NYCC-- White Lantern Flash and
Sinestro (in Sinestro Corps gear).  The C&C figure will be Nekron.  All of the figs looks fabulous but the standouts for me are Reverse Flash with his Lightning Rod, Red Arrow (though I would have appreciated him more as Arsenal with his metal arm and syringes-J/K on that) and Dove.

But this Nekron looks like a seriously badass sculpt so guess I may have to bust the whole enchilada of this wave to enjoy Mr. Death of the DCU in January.

Had some pics of my own but if you don't know, nobody really rivals Action Figure Pics and The Fwoosh when it comes to high quality res shots.  Major props to both sites that bring the posers what we need.

The sickest news of the panel was the announcement of the DC Universe Infinite Earths subscription, no different from the very popular MotU and Ghostbusters toy clubs.  Mattel has it opened for enrollment at their site from the 22nd of this month to the 5th of August but the big catch is they need to fulfill a certain amount of subscriptions to make it work-- which they are only at 20% as of today and have only 9 days left to secure.

So spread the good word!!  There will be 9 6" figs a year and 3 oversized figs that wouldn't be possible to be packaged as a C&C or sold in stores...how sick is that?!!  The total subscription price is around $250.00 which isn't bad for uber exclusive figs at around $21 a pop. 

The first of the line will be Starman, Jay Garrick Flash and Atrocitus, starting to be shipped out straight to you in April-- so go get that DCU Infinite Earths subscription and tell all the posers you know to make it happen!!  Out!

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