Mar 18, 2011

Back to the Future Cover O' the Day- "The Secret of Sinestro"

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Green Lantern #124
DC Comics, January 1980
Writer: Denny O'Neil     Artist: Dick Giordano

This has to be one of my fave GL covers ever.  The timeless art is crafted by the late Dick Giordano and pokes fun at Hal Jordan's womanizing ways by hinting at his greatest fear as having the loves of his life- Kari Limbo and Carol Ferris being swooped on by Sinestro.   

None of that actually goes down in the book a common theme in comics between what is portrayed on covers versus it's interior art--which is an interesting topic of its own and is dissected well in this writeup by iFanboy.

Fun Fact:  Sinestro's Secret?!  His father owns and operates the equivalent of an opium den in his homeworld of Korugar, where he uses yellow null rays to debilitate and bring its victims to a slow, euphoric death. 

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