Mar 18, 2011

WTF moment of the week- Adrianne Palicki as Wonder-Woman

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 I have been keeping my distance from the developments of a Wonder-Woman TV series reboot for numerous reasons.  On top of em all is the simple fact of how can they possibly top our memories of the remarkable small-screen magic of Diana Prince by Lynda Carter?! 

Sure, with eye-pooping aesthetics to match in star Adrianne Palicki with the gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley (as a nemesis- Circe maybe?) and all of the accessible technologies to make flight, super-speed and other powers believable how could I doubt NBC?

Well, with this being the first look (via DC Source) on the new school's hard not too think that this is going to be anything but a campy-take on the most important, recognized female figure in comics-- which NBC promised against.

All of the bright colors and spandex translate directly from the books but I find it hard for anyone watching such imagery from their living room to take the show with any seriousness.
Adrianne does wear it all well, but gotta agree with a bunch of the forums and threads out there that hope this is a first take on the Amazonian fit and that the colorway tones should be darker and bear less of a plastic(y) look to her.

Why not just throw on some uber-stylish jeggings rather than those hotpants?

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