Feb 3, 2011

New Footage! Young Justice- Schooled

11:00 AM

Last episode delivered us some freshness with Batman sending the team on their first covert mission that brought em into a turf war between Bane and Kobra.  This Friday's episode, "Schooled" brings in the JLA's hand-to-hand combat extraordinaire--Black Canary -- to help with training the squad on how to engage an enemy.   

Conner, the dark, brooding loner of the crew faces more of his issues with not being more accepted by Superman and takes that out on everyone around him.

So love how well Kid Flash is being portrayed as the horn-ball of the group.  Effing hilarious.  Young Justice is really getting better and better as each new episode rolls out and jump on it if you have yet to catch it-- airs on Friday, Cartoon Network at 4pm (Pacific).  Here is a teaser that flat out rocks.  

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