Feb 5, 2011

Mixed Plate Comics- Week of 2.02.11

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Thank you comic-gods for only keeping me limited to a handful of reads this week so I can pick up the final wave of DC Direct Blackest Night figs!  And speaking of DC Direct, I am so proud of them for finally realizing the importance of linking their toy lines closer to the release of the books!  With the upcoming Flashpoint event in the Spring/Summer, we will be getting some Flashpoint figs around the same time!  Tight right?!  These are the books that kept me company on my daily train commute :  Time Masters #6 / Secret Six #30 / Ultimate Thor  #4 / Gotham City Sirens #19 / Brightest Day #19 ...now for the top 3..

3   Gotham City Sirens  #19   Peter Calloway & Andres Guinaldo
Talia is found out by Zatanna on her dubious ploy just before pulling a mindwipe on Selina to remove all her memories between her and Bruce Wayne/Batman.  Zatanna then asks Catwoman if this is something she wants her to do.  The plotlines are emotionally amplified by us seeing a rare vulnerable side to Selina like we have only seen in maybe the Heart of Hush arc.    

Calloway creates some tender moments with Harley and Selina where she intimately opens up on her very deep connection to the Batman while Harley then enters a trance and begins thinking of her similar anguish from the Joker.  This is by far the most impressive art that has come out of Guinaldo and I can see why he was selected to take on the huge art-chores that was previously held by Guillem March.

Quinn goes from playing doctor to the crazed mental patient as she runs off to one of Joker's hideouts-- with Catwoman and Ivy following on-- and she lashes out on how the Joker must die!  To be continued...

2   The Brightest Day  ##19   Geoff Johns/Pete Tomasi &Ivan Reis/Joe Prado
Deadman and the voice of the White Ring argue on about why it was necessary to extinguish the Thanagorian lovebirds, which remains cryptic only on how it is a part of a higher cause.  Nekron's name is brought up in their squabble-- YES!  bring em back baby-- and then we learn just how out of control Boston Brand is with things connected to the mission of preserving life as he is transported elsewhere.

Aquawar begins with Arthur and Aqualad on the move to prevent an attack on the surface world.  I so love how Aquaman is still tainted with the Black Ring and only has power over the dead ocean life.  They both are vaulted out of the ocean by some force (yes, it's Brand) who unlocked the Bermuda Triangle that was protecting an assault from Mera's peeps.

The young hero- Jackson fights on against Xebel's forces and learns how he is on the wrong side of the war.  Out of nowhere Manta goes Vader and chops off Arthur's hand and of course the ish ends.  Oh what a cliffhanger!!  Damn you Tomasi, Johns and Co.  Again my hopes are that somehow after Brightest Day-- Aquaman maintains some connection to his Black Lantern alter-ego or powers that will keep him as edgy as he needs to be to keep him popular and not have to go off again into DCU purgatory.

1   Ultimate Thor #4   Jonathan Hickman & Carlos Pacheco
Thor fully realizes his rebirth to mortality with the help of his brother Balder.  They both walk on talking about the mystery of being in Midgard as mortals and what they need to do to find their connection back to Asgard.  Professor Braddock, Captain Britain and their staff share with Balder and Thor how they will use their "science" to bring back some of his Asgardian "magic."   

Love how Hickman unveils how Thor will be able to keep the power suits "charging unit" on hand-- enter Mjolnir 2.0.  Dope!

Fury attempts to recruit the awakened mortal of Thunder from his hippie sidequests, which is a hilarious scene and as we flip to the end of the book-- Cap and Iron Man are getting their ass handed by Grey Hulk...next up Hulk vs. Thor!!  What a solid read and good way to prep for the big Summer blockbuster if you are not familiar with his history/mythos.

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