Jan 6, 2011

WTF moment of the week- Young Justice

9:50 PM

Hey kids!!  In this installment of Whoa That's Fresh! we talk story on today's season premiere of Young Justice on the Cartoon Network.  If the one hour special two month's ago showed something, it is that the CN, WB and DC know what's going down with delivering a product that speaks across generations.

In Independence Day, the core roster of Aqualad, Robin and Kid Flash were tested in their accidental first adventure-- facing Cadmus Labs, the Guardian and Superboy.  Through their struggles with wanting to grow out of the shadows of their iconic mentors, many of those same skills, heroics and persona of Aquaman, Flash and Batman were seen but in more of a light that kids of today can better relate to.  Whether it be the hip lingo-- "tool", 'legit", "boss" or the ease of relating to being in situations that seem overwhelming...oh and of course worried that their going to get caught sneaking out! 

Unfortunately, the first two episodes are in fact a repeat of the special split in two parts.  On the real though, the quality, mature tone and continued development of this far, departure from the cheeky, cute Teen Titans animation is worth watching twice or thrice even.

Below is a great preview of episode 3 that shows Speedy back in action with the group and keeping fingers crossed for Vietti and the gang to let Roy turn dark early to create more friction within the group, after all the team doesn't really need two archers (Artemis) yeah?!  B and C-list villains of the DCU beware!!!

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