Jan 7, 2011

A Ridiculous Toast to Hip Hops Douchebag!

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Big O asked me why haven’t I reviewed anything in a while at our weekly meeting (aka Sunday pick up basketball games)? I had to ponder that thought for a minute. Was it because I’ve been too busy with the holidays? Too busy Coaching my son’s Basketball team? Or just plain too lazy? It’s probably been a combination of all of those things but the real answer is that there has been no music that has moved me at all. Till now…My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West new album had me trekking to the store to cop an actual CD. No matter what you think of the guy you have to admit he makes interesting music to say the least. Myself, I’m a straight hard beats and lyrics guy. And when I say lyrics I mean shit that I can understand and say wow that was dope let me rewind that, not that certain LiL autotune guy people be into nowadays.

From a musical stand point, there is no track on the album that is wack. All 13 tracks have something for everyone, from guitar licks to keyboards to hard kick drums to Chris Rock! He should have included an instrumental disk to all the beat junkies to enjoy.

By now everyone has heard Power, which is a great track and has Ye’s usual arrogant and political tinged verses with that catchy beat. His 2nd single Runaway which to me was brilliant, I can’t really explain it but while a lot of people said it was wack but beleive me it’s worth listening to at least 5 time before you judge it. The next radio single should be Monster, which features Rick Ross, Jay-Z and the Jim Harbaugh of hip hop Nikki Minaj. Everyone drops dope verses but the Video is what everyone is talking bout due to it’s horror movie theme. 

But for my pure hip-hop taste the stand out tracks are Dark Fantasy which kicks the album off with a bang (too many Erkles on your team that’s why your Wins Low) LOL how can you not like that. Gorgeous, with head nodding sound and featuring Kid Cudi and Raekwon from the Wu. Speaking of the Wu, the RZA shows up to drop knowledge on So Appalled.which is a dream team posse cut featuring Jay-Z, Pusha T, Swizz Beatz and Price Cy Hiand trust me it’s Fucking Ridiculous.

What some people forget about Kanye is that the dude almost died in a car accident couple of years ago. Remember his 1st radio hit the Through The Wire, which he recorded with a broken jaw and his face “like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky”. So put yourself in his shoes and think how would you live your life, if you almost died? I would live life to its fullest and do and say and act however I wanted without regret.  This is one time that the music he made is actually bigger and deffer than his outrageous persona. Don’t sleep on this album.

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