Jan 5, 2011

DCU Online is Killing It

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So through the Holidays I have "made" time to get back in touch with my inner-gamer. Thanks DCUO!  Straight up...I am not a hardcore MMO-guy.  Through my gaming years-- I was more a console, RPG, sports-simulation, action-shooter kinda-dood.  A real Squaresoft, EA, Konami slut.  After watching the now legendary opening cinematic and playing half way through the game, I am so in.  Though I was feeling a nervous tick in my retina from numerous hours of gameplay during vacation, I am ready to jump back in this allday-peejay, anti-social, glorious addiction.
For my love of Amazons and PG, I made my avatar a big chick-- but you know, villains have more fun so I went with the school of Lex Luthor. You will get some major laughs in some of the imaginative characters peeps make.  Tops for me had to be Captain Planet and Papa Smurf.  Hilarious!!

For those of you that were not able to get into the Beta (which is ending tomorrow) and are not familiar with the premise of the game--you get to make a character that is either a hero
or villain, choose your power, fighting style and mentor (Superman, Batman, Joker, Catwoman, Circe, Lex..etc.)  You also have the choice of playing in a PVE (player vs. environment) or PVP (player vs. player).  
The choice is yours and I highly recommend starting in PVE if you are a noob like me (I should have been at level 25+ by now but only at 14 cause of continually getting ganked).  

I selected dual guns (ala John Woo), telekinesis and being a speedster.  Sure flying rocks, but I am just a speed-force lover in this game...you will to..trust.  You go through gameplay with building up your character, upgrading armor, unlocking your abilities/power all in the mighty, open world of the DC Universe.  Yes, it is sexy as hell.

As a Lex-head I started off in Metropolis and took down Power Girl and Supergirl with the help of other villains (Parasite and Dr. Psycho) which was mad fun and all very story/mission driven.  At the end of defeating a major boss, you get more of the plot unraveled, comic-book style with decent voice-acting.

Along with building your character up, you get rep points amongst various factions (ie- Joker, The Rogues, Talia Al Ghul, Deathstroke...), when you take on other missions (say defeating Bane, Ultra-Humanite) and battle in Arenas. 

Despite the game still being a bit rough and glitchy, the play is quite smooth and has gotten a lot of the bugs and interface issues worked out just in time for the release next week.

Some tips-- coming from friends that are major WoW-heads-- start in PVE and once you are powered up to like level 24 or so then roll through in PVP (and yes, join a guild).  If you are a sole-console guy, stick to it.  I have played countless hours getting down the keyboard mouse thang (and still suck in comparison to my dual-shock)  but with many of the challenges and tactics involved, you will want to avoid relearning shit and just enjoy the story/game.

Especially with paying what will be like $15 a month or so in subscription fees you wanna avoid all that stress.  If you are in the beta now, make sure to hit up what should be the ultimate game kickoff tomorrow, where we will all be playing against Batman, Supes, Lex or Batman (played by Jim Lee?)  Look out for me on the game (PC) and shout here if you wanna quest!

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