Nov 22, 2010

Mixed Plate Comics- Week of 11.17.10

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With the Holidays here-- we will be feasting, sleeping, shopping, talking story and everything else we do with friends and fam-- but let's not forget about all the reading!!  In a week dominated by the Return of the Batman, this is how I spent my time chilling on the train, posting on the couch and just geeking out in the man-cave... Green Lantern Corps #54  /  The Avengers #7  /  Batman #704  / Brightest Day #14  / Superman/Batman #78  /  Justice League of America #51  /  Power Girl #18  /  The Flash #6  /  Green Lantern #59  /  Batman Incorporated #1  /  Batman the Return #1 ..and the Fab 5 picks:

5   Power Girl #18   Judd Winick & Sami Basri 

Our main mama continues in her hot mess by going from battling Crash-- the big, purple, Parasite-looking baddie to some dood in a spacesuit that ends up being.. a woo-man!!

And it's not just any chick, it is a darker version of PG!  This ish seems to be like a comic version of Superman 2, when Supes faces his own doppelganger.  But let's face it, cat-fights are way better than any MMA-grappling match and this isn't just any girl-brawl, right.

Karen and her clone-- who ends up being just one of many Kryptonian-fakies -- are at a standstill and our regular behind-the-scene baddie, Max Lord makes an appearance only to leave the fight with his two new prized creations.  In the end, PG finds herself beaten but equipped with the memory of who Max is, and all of the wrongs he has done her and the rest of the JLA/JSA dirty on.  Oh boy, does Lord have bad luck in making the worse of enemies-- and just happen to be women (Wonder-Woman reference).

4   The Flash #6   Geoff Johns & Francis Manapul

Barry fights to the finish of his two-pronged faceoff against the Rogues and a future-cop version of the gang.  Though the pacing of the opening salvo has dragged a bit, Johns and Manapul's execute strong with the close and Flash finds himself again, fighting not just his for life-- but his forever endangered wife-- Iris.

As it has been the case of late with Flash tales, the Top is the major thug of the Rogues that finds himself taking Barry on.  In one of the more cool visuals of Flash doing his speed thang-- Manapul blends mere blurs of his image within the Tops deadly spin-cycle.  

Love that artists are conveying new ways  to show the dramatic and real impacts of the speed force.  Now on to Flash-Point??  Hmm, haven't seen a meta-dood on a motorcycle in awhile.

3   Green Lantern  #59   Geoff Johns & Doug Mahnke

The New Guardians continue their quest of finding the Lantern Entities and in a turn that was somewhat expected-- from foreshadowing of Black Hand being taken away by the Indigo Tribe in the end of Blackest Night-- Indigo 1, a "reborn" Black Hand and the other Indigo Lanterns come into conflict with the rainbow gang.

And the mysterious hooded small person (yes, it's Scar everyone...I think..) comes along to break up the party with none other than the most promiscuous and first Entity to surface-- Parallax!  Not, expected was Barry getting the dirty deed of housing the God of Fear.

Things are getting a lot more interesting in the core GL title.  Man, how can a title be consistently this good for the last four years?!  Two reasons- GEOFF JOHNS.

 2   Batman Inc. #1   Grant Morrison & Yanick Paquette

I so love when I am caught off-guard by a surprise like a JH Williams cover to bring in the internationalization of the Batman!!! 

Sure, Morrison is taking Batman as a symbol-- far from what it has been known as for many, many years-- but who better than to tell some modernized, innovative Batman stories for the world over, than that genius Glasgowian?!  
Why is Bruce Wayne so damn cool as the Batman?  Who would you rather partner with, some kid in a elf suit or that very, sexy-fly-mama jamma, purrrr- Selina Kyle baby...okay, I am back.

Very fresh approach at Batman continuing his fight against crime and going global rather than just stayin local in Gotham.  Intriguing, stylish and bringing Batman to other parts of the world for the rest of our peeps to enjoy.  Liked all the katakana/kanji easter-eggs ; P  Otaku-alert!!!!!

1   Batman the Return #1   Grant Morrison & David Finch

Grant Morrison AND David Finch.  Nuff said...

ps. yes, that is an image of Oracle potentially coming back as Batgirl...hhwwwaaattt??!!!

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