Nov 26, 2010

Missed Connections- Batman Inc. / Batman: The Brave and the Bold

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With all the excitement and interest C&D  peeps have had in Batman the Return and Batman Inc. last week-- I decided to wax philosophic on things I know on the background of Morrison's concepts-- that for many who have been reading and following story threads, can still be a bit confusing.  First, we know that Morrison is a big fan of the Batman mythos, especially the obscure stories of the 50's thru the 70's that in his own words are like psychedelic trips gone bad.  Okay that sounds about right.  And we have seen some of his
interpretations of such musings like Zur-En-Arrh in the Batman R.I.P. arc to the Club of Heroes/International Batmen in one of the most compelling reads of his works to date in Batman #667-669 that shines the masterful visuals of J.H. Williams III. 

In each of these stories Morrison ties together complex, mutli-faceted content that showcases the Dark Knight's ability to be a tale that can effectively be told through any medium whether cosmic, pulp-noir, horror, sci-fi and be accepted (not to say we all quite understand it all) by a mainstream audience.

I recall Morrison and David Finch (who will be busting writer/art duties in the forthcoming Dark Knight book) at SDCC talking story on the key influences of Batman's new direction and cited how the Batman Family-- features some of the greatest of DC's cast of characters and are the more popular and easily recognizable heroes/villains by fans of all ages. 

On top of that another one of Morrison's key influences for Batman Inc.-- Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series-- you have the whole of the DCU on board to team-up with the timeless, legendary hero.

As I was watching a re-run of the two-part episode of The Starro Invasion- you can count off to yourself at least 20+ DCU characters-- Booster Gold, Guy Gardner, Kilowog, Tomar-Re, Captain Marvel, Atom, Fire, Huntress, Black Lightning, Hawkman, Firestorm and so on.

I can see how many of the die-hard Batman fans are to say the least turned-off by what is perceived as a capitalist, Tony Stark-onian approach to franchising out the Batman brand of justice through the world, but with nearly 10 books that bear the Batman logo-- I am sure we can be fulfilled by what we perceive as Batman canon in one of them.

And again, how can we not get excited about this approach on Batman that we have not yet experienced, by Morrison no-less!!??  With the many directions and character inventory avail for Batman Incorporated, I can't see how and why heads wouldn't want to jump on it.

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