Aug 31, 2010

New Gameplay Footage! Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions

10:59 AM

Where comiccon last year pulled me back to being a poser (into action figs) again, this year gave me the itch to dust off my dual-shock and reboot my gaming ways.

Between DC Universe Online, Marvel vs. Capcom 3 & Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions having huge showings at SDCC and just being the badass games they are, how could I not?!

Though Marvel hasn't really captivated me to get back into the Spidey books again (I dabbled in the Noir series but have yet to finish it), everything about this Activision-killer app drips of awesomeness.  The concept of playing through four different alternate realities of Spidey-- Spiderman Noir, Ulitmate Spiderman, Amazing Spiderman and Spiderman 2099-- allows for nearly any fan of Spiderman to be engaged and ready to make a run for the shop on September 7th!!

Noticing remnants of the OG Tony Hawk engine in the game trailer takes me back to my first experience playing as Spidey on my old PS2 and it looks like they have only pushed it farther with the more advanced techniques and sophisticated tech at their disposal.

Love that you can play as Symbiote Spidey while kicking Deadpool's annoying ass and flip into other unlockable suits like Cosmic-Spidey, Iron Spider, Scarlet Spidey and more.  So funny how I just thought of this being a dood version of Barbie dress-up..okay not so funny.

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