Sep 1, 2010

Chiang is Killing It

12:56 PM

One of Brooklyn's finest-- Cliff Chiang-- has been raising the cover art game and definitely taken notice by all of us the last 6 months with all of his brilliant work on what has been the most impressive of the Brightest Day titles- Justice League: Generation Lost.

Chiang's poignant style is as affecting from his rough thumbnails, to clean B&W inks and of course with the insertion of colors on the final product- see all of the stages here.

From looking at that last cover, I couldn't help but think of how the horde of Checkmate pawns resemble a mass of Stormtroopers, that he may have subconsciously drawn in from some recent work he produced for Star Wars Celebration V.  On his blog, Chiang commented how he drew inspiration from 60's Parisian Art Deco, which is so ideal in it's glamorous, yet subtle hues to work as highly effective propaganda for all those poor, deluded Empire enlistees out there.

I love getting to meet some of my fave creators, especially when they are as humble, down to earth and just straight cool-- as was the case when I found his table and got to chat with Cliff at SDCC.  Chiang is in that small group of artists, like say Phil Noto, Cameron Stewart, Chris Samnee and Guillem March that can easily pull readers towards light to very mature places emotionally cause of their dynamic style.

The three limited edition pieces that Chiang created are only available through Acme Archives.  And if you haven't already peeped the amazing cover to Generation Lost #10 on the DCU blog, enjoy!

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