Jul 23, 2010

SDCC 2010 Edition- Batman is Killing It

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We all had a late start today but of the many panels abandoned cos of hangover fail, made it to the one that just couldn't be missed - Batman: The Return.  The star-studded creators that mastermind every Bat-title were on board minus that of Tony Daniel, JH Williams III and Peter Tomasi.  There was tons of news to

cover under the house that Bob Kane built, on top of it all was Grant Morrison's announcement of his new title named Batman Inc.

GMo said it will be like that of a team book, which is deserving considering the many strong characters-- be it heroes or villians-- that are all caught up in the cowl.  Through the discussion it was also brought up how David Finch (who will be scribe/artist for the other new title- Batman the Dark Knight) will appropriately redesign Batman's costume to reflect his transformation and highlight changes in some new tech/gadgets. 

All sounds cool to me!  The festive mood was increased with Judd Winick leading hundreds of fans into a frenzy by talking on tonight's premiere of his animated film- Batman: Under the Hood and promised to deliver 

on even more terrifying violence from Jason Todd in his Red Hood limited series.

During the panel Mike Marts threw up a shot of some new Batwoman art that spurred an instant crotch tent.  Damn, why did I have to wear basketball shorts today??  Thanks for that JHWIII!
In usual fashion, there was the Q&A session that was full of fans showing their creative ways at having the writers spill the beans on yet to be released intel.  Which of course was not successful.

The two funniest moments were when a Scottish dood with a thicker accent than Morrision took the mic and left all of us lost in translation, GMo included and of course when a fan dressed like Scarecrow left every panelist- mostly Winick and Paul Cornell tearing in laughter. 

And now, enjoy a snippet of some of the fun I took in last night courtesy of iFan/Diggnation bringin da geek-turntable-wizard Mike Relm out to play at House of Blues.

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