Jul 27, 2010

SDCC 2010, Ch. 9 - Enter Jock and Voltron hearts Blair Butler

10:36 PM

As if my days down at the Con could not get any better. On the next to last day of SDCC, I was lucky enough to meet Mark Simpson aka Jock at the DC booth. I was roaming around DC and noticed that the British comic book artist of The Losers & Lenny Zero fame, was signing/sketching until 4 o'clock. I look at my watch and noticed that the big hand was pointing at 12 o'clock & the short hand was at 4. HOT DINGLEBERRIES ON A PLATTER BATWOMAN!!!

So I make like the Tasmanian Devil, scurry around the booth and I find him. Kudos to the DC worker for letting me be the last fan after the cut-off time. What was even more cooler was Jock himself taking the time to talk with me and draw me a sketch. It was a sincere joy to meet with him as he was a very gracious person and seemed genuinely happy to be at SDCC. Some tidbits of what we talked about: a) he enjoyed the movie version The Losers b) he's currently working on a creator-owned 6-issue mini-series, re-teaming with none other than The Losers writer, Andy Diggle. The tentative title of the series is Switchback and they are currently shopping around for a publisher. Thank you much Mr. Jock for taking the time out of your busy day. Here is the uber*cool sketch he drew.

One of the randomly funny moments walking around the San Diego exhibition hall was catching Voltron getting friendly with geek-girl cutie, Blair Butler of Attack of the Show! & Fresh Ink. Check out the intimate moments they share, reminiscent of a geeky Joannie loves Cha-Chi or a newfound nerdy-power couple version of Branjelina. You heard it here first!!!

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