Jul 27, 2010

SDCC 2010, Ch. 8 - Enter Manapul, Portacio, Choi, Winick, & Lemire

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Hey what do you know...who knew that some of my favorite comic book creators would be at Comic-Con. What a qwa-winky-dink. All stupid snarkiness aside, being able to meet & listen to some of my favorite artists / writers were one of the high points of this past week's SDCC. This is the primary reason why I go to SDCC, to get to know the people behind the fabulous work I read & view every Wednesdays. Here are a few of those folks:

Francis Manapul & Whilce Portacio - Besides being of proud Filipino descent, these two are amongst my favorite comic book artists. They were guest speakers at a panel, giving their personal insights of the struggles and joys of being a professional comic book artist. During their session, they shared their techniques & skills to aspiring artists in attendance of how to hone their craft and strive (& survive). One of the more interesting subjects they discussed was how they both deal with the mental & emotional peaks & valleys when they are in the midst of "artist's block" or swiftly approaching a deadline. Whilce told a story of how him & Jim Lee are very competitive and how Whilce once stayed up 33 hours straight to finish a deadline just to beat out Jim Lee's 30 hour insomniac session the night before. After that craziness, they both agreed not to make that kind battle again. Hilarious.

And as for Mr. Manapul, he is currently producing, developing, & starring in an upcoming TV show for the SyFy channel. The name of the show slips my mind but the premise of the show is seeing how mythical creatures would react in real times. Think Myth Busters without the myth but with creatures. Stop making that gas-face on the screen, Francis did a way better job than me of explaining what the show was about. Look for it to come out later on this year on SyFy. Both were a joy to listen to and are both down-to-earth & funny folks. Definite one of my SDCC highlights.

Mike Choi - Down in Artist's Alley. Though I did not have a chance to talk with him (as you can see he was busy doing a sketch), it was cool to see him at what he does best. He is the reason (along with his colorist/fiance Sonia Oback) why X-Force is at the top of my pull list pile.

Judd Winick & Jeff Lemire - At the DC Booth. It was towards the end of their meet and greet and the popular Mr. Winick had a line waiting a mile long. The DC forces that be, cut me off before I had a chance to meet Mr. Lemire but at the very least I was able to see the man behind one of my favorite book's, Sweet Tooth.

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