Jul 31, 2010

Brubaker is Killing It

4:46 PM

I haven't picked up any of Ed Brubaker's work since enjoying his anti-hero, indie thriller Incognito, the best Daredevil run since Frank Miller- IMO and his revival of the Immortal Iron Fist.  Was bummed to miss out on his runs on Uncanny X-Men and the instant classic Captain America stories-- where he orchestrated the death of Steve Rogers, ushered in the rise of the Winter Soldier/Bucky Cap and brought OG Cap back in Reborn.

So when I got word on Steve Rogers return in Siege and how Brubaker would be reunited with this legendary character in not one, but two books, I immediately saw opportunity to make up for the wrongs of the past and add both Steve Rogers: Super Soldier and Secret Avengers to the pull-list.

It doesn't hurt that Brubaker has two of the most talented Marvel artists fleshing out his scripts in Mike Deodato and Dale Eaglesham (who I miss dearly on Fantastic Four).

Brubaker-- easily one of the top scribes of the covert-ops, spy-noir genre-- gets his C&D shine back and man does he breathe life into D-list characters Valkyrie,  Ant-Man and Noh-varr.  Thankfully, I got it right by jumping back on his books and how dope is it to be a newbie Captain America fan right now??

I only hope that Morrison, Tomasi and the other Batman writers are watching on how Brubaker skillfully balances the symbol of Captain America through not one but two prominent characters, without diminishing the importance of Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers to the rest of the Marvel U.

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