Aug 2, 2010

indie rawkus- Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

12:23 PM

I recently made the move from city-living in SF to burb-life in the Southbay.  I can say in all honesty it hasn't  been easy as this SF born and raised local, needs that energy and cultured city-vibe to tap into on the daily to continue living creatively and with passion.  It seems that Montreal based, indie rock heathens -- Arcade Fire--made an album for peeps like me that have to persevere through the cookie-cutter suburb hoods that tug at the soul and suffocates our realities.

The Suburbs, their 3rd album will be releasing tomorrow but thanks to NPR you can preview this fine collection of art-house sounds in its entirety here.

After taking a stroll through The Suburbs just twice, I feel nostalgia from their first album Funeral, considered by many indie-philes as one of the most influential rock albums of the 2000s.  If you love Bowie, Joy Division and The Pixies-- you will fall in love with this eclectic, thought-provoking rockband that will take you places creatively where ever you find yourself.

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