Jun 9, 2010

Life Imitates Art- Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

10:34 AM

And the list goes on for comicbook films that missed me at the shelves but are finding me through Hollywood-- yep, so I read Kick Ass after watching the flick (there goes my geek-cred), still reading The Losers (yet to see it, but will soon), will miss Jonah Hex altogether, but after all the hype from friends and catching the latest trailer--

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World tix will be in my pocket on August 13th. So the question looms, why? Sure Michael Cera rocks, yeah. From watching the trailer I am feeling like Edgar Wright is getting his Kung Fu
Hustle on (one of my fave films evar-- which is in production for a sequel by 2012!!) while keeping things true to the original Bryan O'Malley script.

So like Kick Ass, I will be grabbing some of the trades after catching what looks to be a real fun time at the theatre...yeah, film adaptations are never as good as books- period. 

Okay let's be honest...I really have it bad for scene-stealer Anna Kendrick since falling for her in Up In the Air and will watch any movie she is in, okay bye!

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