May 6, 2010

WTF moment of the week: Blackest Night series 7 & 8

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It's kinda scary how behind I am with things being away on vacay for the last few weeks (yeah internet in Bali is close to dial-up). But after finally catching up on nearly 3 weeks of reading-- I finally got to stumble on this news of two more waves of Blackest Night figs!! Thank you Geoff Johns!

Now that DC Direct has pushed out the majority of core characters central to the instant classic Blackest Night story, we can finally see some of the other prominent players that made BN so damn fun.  Right away, I nearly wet my boxers from the inclusion of Red Lantern Mera in series 7 (due in late November) and the badassery of  Indigo Tribe: The Atom--easily my second favorite character of Blackest Night (first of course going to Larfleeze!)-- released in series 8 right before the Holidays.

Not to take away anything from the craftsmanship in earlier lines, but these two figures alone are way beyond the levels of detail in anything I have seen out there since maybe, Atrocitus and Black Hand.  I was stunned  how authentic Mera's sculpt was designed to highlight nearly every scale in her costume (including that funny ass feline is a nice touch) and the insane iteration of the Sword of the Atom influenced Indigo Tribe fig slays.

Just bananas.

Of series 7, I will also pick up Sinestro Lantern Arkillo but may pass on Black Lantern's Terra and Supes though getting Scar (packed with BL Terra) should be a must-have.  As for series 8 that on top of  IT Atom includes Orange Lantern Lex Luthor, Sinestro Lantern Scarecrow and Black Lantern Flash, man don't get it twisted, these are must buys!!

Strongest line IMO since wave 2.  DC Direct is hearing it now...cha-ching!

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