May 27, 2010

Mixed Plate Thursday- Week of 5.26.2010

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Aloha!! So this will be my weekly space to give you da top and bottom 3 reads from the pile of Wednesday pulls-- which was an especially big lot for me this week-- and looked like this (yeah in order too):
Brave and the Bold #34 / Secret Avengers #1 / Green Lantern #54 / Secret Warriors #16 / The Rise of Arsenal #3 / Wolverine Weapon X #13 / GL Corps #48 / Gotham City Sirens #12 / War of the Supermen #4 / Wonderwoman #44 / JL Generation Lost #2  / Wolverine Origins #48 / Detective Comics #865 / Dark Wolverine #86 / Fantastic Four #579 / The Return of Bruce Wayne #2

Yeah that's what happens when the GF goes out of town for business- a whole lotta readin!!!

1.  Brave and the Bold #34  J. Michael Straczynski & Jesus Saiz
Please, please, please JMS...I know you will be rockin Supes and WW soon but puulleease stay on what has become MY fave book in B&B.  In this ish we have the Legion-- who has been getting a jolt of love these days-- pairing with the Doom Patrol.
The whole saving the world / hero-biz, facing impossible odds is just another day..but it is how JMS and Saiz continually portray these characters as you and I live and think in our day to day- but of course in utter-redic situations like umm..closing up a planet-eating black hole!!  Ugh.

The scene of Saturn-Girl catchin Cliff peeping her goods was about the most I have laughed at a book in sometime.  Oh and how about Cosmic Boy's pink fuzz??  Bwahahah!! As usual, we are treated to one of the best storytellers in JMS and man how much fun does he seem to be having playing in the DCU sandbox with this title?  Saiz is masterful in his interpretations of what seems (a give away from the costumes and ) to be a lost tale from the silver age.  Love it and will be back for part 2!

2.  Secret Avengers #1  Ed Brubaker & Mike Deodato 
From the opening salvo I was relieved that this would be just the book to replace my pulls for both New Avengers and Thunderbolts.  Deodato keeps things dark and sexy to fuse perfectly with Brubaker's well known secret-agent man script.

Thanks Cap, err I meant Commander Rogers for balancing out the X and Y on this roster-- unlike the sausage fest on Bendis' Avengers.

The inclusion of Ant-Man was random genius that will help to keep the black-ops tone of this title balanced with humor-- sure it will be crude and dark-- but who doesn't like that yeah?  I seriously wasn't expecting this title to be all that and a bag of chips, but it is and dayum.. Black Widow and Valkyrie are enough for the price of admission?  Yes and yes. 

3.  Green Lantern #54   Geoff John & Doug Mahnke            Sure.  We get the whole sword in the stone thing though it is already getting a bit stale, but how awesome is it that we get to continue enjoying dope creations like Atrocitus and the other color-guard(ians).  The splash page after like 6 pages kills. 

The whole bridge to another sinister plot of someone collecting the Lantern entities is real intriguing.  I heart GJ for making his very own GL trinity in Sinestro, Star Sapphire and Hal.

Each of them have a whole lot of history to play off of that does great things in pace from drama to suspense to action.

Mahnke is Doug E. Fresh.  Afterall the hype of Blackest Night, still delivering and challenging himself at keeping standards high and fanboys drooling.  No I am not wearing all of my lantern rings as I type this.

As for my bunk 3... they are all writers that I cherish but just didn't bring me to the places they usually do.  Marjorie/Way- way too much repetition and filler in this ish, sorry.  I felt better after Origins tho.  Hickman is 1A and Johns 1B as my fave writers.  This was one of the only Hickman books that I really didn't care for..oh wait there was that Siege one shot too... Morrison- yeah, I am not a fan of puritan stories (but whoa Frazier Irving is sick!!!).  Thanks, but I do love me some pirate-action..YARR!!!!

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