May 27, 2010

WTF moment of the week- Birds of Prey

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For the last three months I have been devouring the original Birds of Prey series, since hearing about DC bringing the title back in Brightest Day- with the badass wordsmith of Gail Simone. So though for many of you this is old, for me its new so bite it(muah!).

Through all of the books so far-- which have been some of the best reads to ever flip through-- in ish #89 I was like, Whoa That's Fresh!!  How is it possible for such an unassuming book to leave me gasping like dood, could this be one of the best stories I have ever read?

Simone and Siqueira take us through the heartfelt confession from Babs to her father, the Commish, that not only is she Batgirl- yeah Gordon knew that...but she is Oracle- the genius/operator/intel for the entire meta-community.  The flashbacks and dialogue between the two make you re-live the tragedy and triumph that has made Oracle at the center of the DCU.  

Gordon's expressions and amazement as he watches on as his daughter plays quarterback to famed Gotham heroes- Canary and the Huntress, is the only time I recall seeing any sense of being in a daze from his character, well since his early Captain days.

From the layered story of the lecherous, stalking of Oracle by the Calculator to the Birds save of Savant, Gordon telling Batman to eff off (not quite but close enough) and finally throw in a sprinkle of Deathstroke...yeah man, I was so happy that I took on those 100+ books or so to really take in what Benes and Simone are doing in their second run on BoP.  Love it.

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