May 13, 2010

if you don't know, now you know- Shadowland

10:38 PM

Daredevil is looking to get some new threads to mesh with his recent fall from grace- since becoming the head of the diabolical Hand.  Andy Diggle's current DD storyarc will be getting it's very own 5 part mini-series, Shadowland and is taglined as "The Battle for the Soul of New York."

From the hands of Billy Tan we get this teaser/future Marvel poster and can see that DD will be struggling with the power vacuum left behind by Norman Osborn in Siege.  Will we finally have a transformation of Matt Murdock becoming non-existent, or just the subconscious state in his dreams-- pushing DD truly to the other side as a villian?

Props to CBR for all the inside looks at this upcoming series and especially for dedicating a page to all the variants that play off of the classic Miller/Janson covers from the past.

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