Mar 25, 2010

WTF moment of the week- Nemesis

11:50 AM

From the first ish a few of my skeptical assumptions about this book were put to rest as this is not a straight bite/rip-off of DC's- Batman, Joker and Commish Gordon.

Millar and McNiven remix the plot, feel and narratives by making Gotham = to Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong and Washington, DC. Nemesis is a calculating, wacko that indeed has many Bats-isms with a crazy-lethal likeness to the Joker. Blake Morrow,(called out as Player 2- yeah, that's dope) is Gordon but has some Nick Fury- badass to em & is next on the list of super-cops that Nemesis is looking to take out.

Nemesis flaunts his cock-deez by single-handedly seizing Air-Force 1 and abducting the President.  The tension and gripping state of chaos that is felt from this scene leaves a lot to be thought of on how incredible McNiven is as an all-around artist-- carrying over his mad-detail into environments and really capturing the emotion of all the crazed civilians. 

There was close to no character build-up wasted in this first installment and amazingly Millar's play off a classic icon may have had some to do with it.  So many great moments, like the calling card (literally) of Nemesis-- that is delivered to the next victim with time of death in riddle-- and  being of some specific weight, parchment and font; which seemed like a shoutout to American Psycho.

From Wanted to Civil War, Kick-Ass to Old Man Logan and now Nemesis.  Aye!!  This f*cking Scotsman is pure, dead brilliant.

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