Jan 17, 2010

Dime Pieces

10:55 PM

Dime Pieces will feature comic book artist's pieces/sketches they are currently working on or just doing just for fun.

This beautiful rendition of Deadpool & Moon Knight is from the team of Mike Choi (pencils) & Sonia Oback (colors). This engaged duo most recently have been the artists for the X-Force title up until the current Necrosha story-arc. With all due respect to Clayton Crain, I hope Choi & Oback jump back on the X-Men's black op's squad soon.

One of the best Bat-Books out there - check that - one of the best DC books is Detective Comics by current creators, Greg Rucka (writer) & JH Williams III (artist). While the incomparable Rucka is staying on, JHWIII stunning run is coming to an end. I was saddened for all about 3.5 seconds because taking over is Jock (The Losers, Scalped-covers). As you can see from the forthcoming double-page cover for Detective Comics #861, the quality of art will not suffer.

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