Sep 18, 2009

rated-B, for Bendis

12:31 AM

Say what you like about Brian Michael Bendis, the love, the don't matter cos we still talkin about his shiny ass-mr.clean lookin and yes, he always be thinkin he is just the shit.

Well, he is.

By crushing fools way back in 2001 bringing back Daredevil to new heights of cool with Alex Maleev, revampin a New Avengers squad that made Starbucks their HQ , got us all and our mothers paranoid in Secret Invasion about green men..and women taking over the world, brought the best out of some villians by making them heroes in Dark Avengers and now he has come full circle in creating motion-comic magic with Maleev in Spiderwoman, 8 years later.

No doubt, on some next level shit compared to the same treatment DC put out during the Watchmen release last year, but all in all, I am still just looking forward to getting the plain ole print at the shop next Wednesday...

It's about friggin time yeah??!!!!!!

With other characters coming more to the forefront in New Avengers (ie- Ronin, Cap Bucky and Mockingbird), it will be  nice for Jessica Drew(her big ole booty) to get her appropriate shine.

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