Sep 16, 2009

Character Issues - "Batman isn't quite himself."

10:10 AM

Real name: Edward Nigma

This evil master of criminal mind games is my feature character of the week. Strike that, he's on the right side of the law this time - though he still maintains his insatiable thirst of thoughts. Coincidentally, his turn to good may be because questioning if his longtime nemesis Batman is really him. This is brilliantly captured by the writing of Scott Lobdell in Gotham City Sirens #3 (though it is odd how The Riddler is featured in a book where Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn & Catwoman are the main characters). Nevertheless, The Riddler & Batman form an unusual alliance to solve a crime in Gotham City. There is a back & forth mind battle between the 2 former foes - Riddler questioning if this Batman is genuine & Batman debating Riddler's good intentions. It's an interesting chess game between the two.

I like the crown king of conundrum's thought process' of solving a crime; it's as meticulous as when he's planning a elaborate crime. The developing relationship with Batman, as well as how long he maintains his current image, should be a good one to watch.

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