Dec 12, 2011

Life Imitates Art- The Dark Knight Rises & The Amazing Spiderman

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We had a great teaser battle this weekend between DC and Marvel for next Summer's comic-flick showdown of the final installment of Nolan's Batman trilogy- The Dark Knight Rises and the first of the new Spidey reboot- The Amazing Spiderman.
Impressed with the powerful visual of Bane walking away from a shattered helm of the Batman that makes the comic-geek in all of us say--hells yeah!!-- they are calling out the breaking of the Bat.  Nice subdued, yet chilling imagery that conveys straight up what to expect.

As for The Amazing Spiderman teaser, I get that this is a darker take than the corny, goofball version and don't get me wrong-- I am feeling the creative vision of striking the spider-logo as a cast shadow-- but why is it that between both teasers you almost get the same, brooding if these two films could possibly convey similar emotions.  This is the mutheffin' Batman and Friendly Neighborhood Spidey we are talking about here.

And as for the "Untold Story" pitch, hmm...I am intrigued but don't quite know what we are getting, especially with this arcs inclusion of Peter Parker's spy-parents written into the plot-lines.  Two cool-ass teasers with one that is clear and the other not so much.  Both equally effective, in grabbing me and having me throw a fist pump in the air at my office.

Will we be seeing some more images from The Avengers sometime this week??  I sure hope so...

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