Nov 7, 2011

toy collectwhore: Catwoman

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While eyeing the shelfporn I was looking up, scanning for some of the older figs that I have yet rev and snatched this DC Direct sculpt that is pretty damn impressive for a piece that was made over 7 years ago!  Let's bring the sexiness with...
Artistic Integrity:   I am a bigtime fan of Selina Kyle and had to drop some coin on this 2 yrs after the famous Hush arc-- that paired up Jim Lee with Jeph Loeb to usher in one of the better Batman tales of the last 10 years.  This piece was one of the more elusive ones to find in stores.

As you can see the sculpt is highly influenced by Jim Lee's take on Catwoman that has her sleek and more thin than other artists interpretations, where she is umm...bouncy.  

The paint is top-notch and nearly looks like her catsuit is made of  leather or S&M fabric besides plastic.  The tips of her fingers are in fact clawlike. Yeah, effing dope.  You can see that those googles right?  Well, they are movable too!  You know that is on some major hardcore nerd-shit there right?!

Whip it, whip it good!

4 out of 5 shakas

Fun Factor:  I usually try to pick an art piece from the source that I can replicate in articulated form but again this is DC Direct and add that this is nearly a 10 yr old fig, well...posability is close to non-existent.   
The saving grace of the fig is simply how dead on it resembles Lee's scrumptious take on Bats fave siren of Gotham.

Catwoman was included in series 2 of the Batman: Hush line that was crazy in itself as DC Direct pretty much said hey, lets just bust a fig of every goddamn player that rolled though the arc.  Well it was pretty close, I think 11 or so right? 

Yes, so beside placing her goggles as shown, over her eyes and maybe wrapping her whip around an enemy, Bats or herself...that is about all you are limited to with articulation. 

Ah bummahs.

3 out of 5 shakas

Fo-reals brah:
Despite the burden of less than 10 articulated points and joints thatget loose way too fast (in classic DC Direct fashion) this is a piece that jumps off the shelves cause it is friggin nice.  I like the DC Superheroes Catwoman fig that was released 3 years after this one a bit more cos its Fourhorseman certified but I think DC Direct will win back the throne of top Selina fig with either the DCU Online or the Arkham City piece that will hit shelves in 2012. 
 4 out of 5 shakas

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