Oct 8, 2011

toy collectwhore: Nightwing

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The two sickest figs that rock my shelf porn is Deathstroke and his archnemesis Nightwing-- who I have yet to bust a rev on. Of all the DC New 52 redesigns, its gotta be Dick Grayson that was the most disappointing with the change from blue to red accents that just reaks of Chris O'Donnell.  Blegh.  Let's talk on the Nightwing we all know and love in his plastic form.

Artistic Integrity:   This Mattel cast is tops cause first off it replicates his doo in a non-corny way, sports his modernized insignia with the colorway leading to his fingertips and best of all, a handy spot for his fresh Kali sticks on his back. 

Though it changes depending on the artist I prefer the black over blue color for his mask and so was happy that the Four Horseman painted it that way.

One of the complaints I see on random forums on this piece versus the DC Direct Hush figure is that the bodyform should have been less bulky.  I disagree being that his sculpt is just about the same as Atom and Blue Beetle who are similar in physique (being non-meta but in top physical form).

And of course it ranges stylistically depending on the illustrator thats imagining Nightwing from pencil to the pages.

5 out of 5 shakas

Fun Factor: For this pose I immediately thought of Jock's unforgettable covers, but for the sake of referencing this pic to an artists work-- I went with the artwork to Don Kramer's final issue of pre-New 52 Nightwing.

As you can see he is in his classic, acrobatic, kinda crazy action pose--especially for one that can't fly and jumps into battle without the wires (or Bat-hooks).  But that is what makes Nightwing even that more heroic and popular with the ladies of the DCU.  Yeah the guy has a hit-list that probably is only topped by his mentor, Bruce Wayne.

Unlike the DC Direct fig, this Nightwing sculpt is not constrained by limited articulation of less than 10 movable joints and no worries on the fig getting loose from a few pose variations.  Mattel is choice when it comes to durability and posability everytime.
5 out of 5 shakas

Fo-reals brah:
As an ode to the living legend Marv Wolfman-- I went with this Vigilante vs. Nightwing cover to recreate in articulated three-dimensional theater.  Sure its the classic version but thats the one I got yo!!  Yo gotta appreciate how on point this turned out though yeah?! 
Sure, I am like a cheesy, low-budget flick in comparison to the toy-heads at Fwoosh or Toy Fare when it comes to actionfigure theatre but that's just how I roll.  When I think of Nightwing it is always in this stylee and never in the horrendous late 70's-80's disco-version that made Dick look like such a flaming douchebag.  Hey DC, bring back the blue!!!    
 5 out of 5 shakas

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