Oct 15, 2011

NYCC 2011- Green Lantern and Justice League

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The DC ALL ACCESS panel of Green Lantern was moderated by SVP of Sales Bob Wayne, joined by GL Group Editor Brian Cunningham and the all but one of the wordsmiths- Geoff Johns, Peter Tomasi and Tony Bedard. 

Wayne lays down how Johns new approach on the GL title is like trading places between Sinestro and Hal-- where Jordan is pretty much his beeyoch (my words not his).  Johns narrated some script from #3 and leaked that the next crossover event between the GL books will be introduced in the next ish.  Its safe to assume that it will be very Guardian-centric with all of the shady shenanigans they have been tooling since witnessing the first ever death of a Guardian (Krona via Hal).

Johns then plugged Bruce Timm's new GL Animated series that will also have have its own book by neato kiddie creators Art Balthazar and Franco.  Like we have seen from the teaser of the anime-- it opens with an intro to the Red Lanterns and Johns said that Larfleeze will be showing up in episodes to come.  Tight!

Tomasi entered the stage with cheers and Johns said the Real Guy Gardner has arrived. Unlike the very centered Sinestro /Hal dynamic in GL we get to have some balls out GLC meets Call of Duty action in the issues to come.  A very easy way to get into the GL mythos for new readers not so steeped in the recent transgressions from Sinestro Corps to Blackest Night to Brightest Day.  And Tomasi heralded Fernando Pasarin as the effing man.  I agree, again DC's equal to Marvel badass Stuart Immonen in every realist-graphic way..

Funnyman Bedard took the mic next with his usual comedic hijinks saying this is where you need to be for a look at the whole of the Intergalactic Lanterns beyond just the GLs (of course Red Lanterns works well for that too).  Bedard busts a solid Remender like approach to GL with shining everything on the 90s starting with Kyle Rayner, Fatality and more new adds like Arkillo, Bleez and more.  Hey look Larfleeze is back--WOOT!!!  Johns left early to make his next panel and almost the whole room left with him.

DC ALL ACCESS Justice League panel was a full fledged who's who of creators that run things in The New 52-- sha-sha-sha-shabooyah-ROLL CALL!!  Ann Nocenti, Geoff Johns, Tony Daniel, Brian Azzarello, Cliff Chiang, Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, Dan Jurgens, Yildray Cinar, Brian Buccaletto and JT Krul.
Johns and Lee owned the most excitement from raving, foam at the mouths fans that were rabid over the creative powerhouses holding court together on Justice League.  Like the New 52 media roadshow they took across the nation, they showed how finely tuned their sketch comics routine has become.  Giving fun, ad-lib to the first few pages of JL#2 they play on how GL (Hal) needs to call his buddy Flash (Barry) for some help with the Kryptonian freightrain.

And everyone was eating up their insights and fun jabs that went into how Darkseid no longer sports his sexy thigh high eff-me boots or skirt.  Lee quickly he will have a thong!  Enter laugh tack. Jurgens was then given the stage to discuss JLI where he displayed some cool, new art and later clarified that Booster may have memories pre-New 52 but whether he has access to those experience is a whole other matter. 

Huge props were given to team Wonder Woman- Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang who similar to Johns approach on Aquaman, have put their fingerprints all over longtime issues with the mythos and characterizations of the icon.  Azz said that he was tired off all the pants talk and wanted it to be about her genes.  His wordplay was accepted with laughs and moans about her newfound daddy issues with Zeus.

Later one of the biggest dime drops came from Johns who said that they would be helping to lift the curse of Shazam through featurettes starting in the pages of JL#5 with the famed ill artistry of Gary Frank. 

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