Oct 15, 2011

Breakfast Club- Young Justice "Revelation"

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This past Fridays Young Justice "Revelation" was almost too hard to swallow how incredibly delish and geektastic it was in not only pitting the Joker and the rest of his Injustice League against YJ, but also filling the show with more cameos than we have ever seen in almost all of the past 13 episodes combined.  This felt
like the climactic final episode that we never got in Season 1 with the build-up from past stories and all the show stoppers to make yo mouth water.  Ahh!

The Injustice League stage an attack by cobra-venom induced Giant-plantlife in metropolitan cities across the globe
which The Justice League handle and Batman sends in his covert ops team to infiltrate and handle Joker, Poison Ivy,
Inhumanite, Count Vertigo, Black Adam,Wotan and some creeper villain that shoots laser beams (why didn't they use Dr. Light?) 

During the global monster mash we are treated to appearances from Leaguers like-- Superman, Captain Marvel, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, GL John Stewart, GL Guy Gardner, Blue Devil, Plastic Man, Vixen, Green Arrow, Red Arrow, Black Canary, Captain Atom and Icon-- as they do their superhero thang.  
Aqualad and the crew find the Secret Society and get utterly pawned.  Great to see Black Adam do his thing, slapping around Conner and his Wolf with not even a word spoken.  Count Vertigo rocks with his Count Chocula accent and who else thought there was a reference to Austin Powers with his ransom request for one billion dollars?  The animation and character designs throughout were solid.  I can't recall a more impressive episode since Kalder's return to Atlantis in "Downtime." 

YJ get a second round against Joker, Ivy and the gang which looks to be another quick defeat until Aqualad busts out the helmet of Dr. Fate and becomes one with the mystic Naboo.  The short but sweet Joker/Robin matchup was so damn cool.  Dr. Fate along with the arrival of some of the Justice League makes the Society say "uncle" except for of course Joker.  A definite must watch Young Justice episode for even the most casual of DC readers.  A lot to love.

Breakfast Club is a regular column where I kick up my feet on a Saturday morning with a big bowl of cereal and run through the DVR to play catch-up on recorded cartoons, animation or break open new/old blu-ray releases that keeps me nostalgic on this classic, American weekend ritual. 

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