Aug 2, 2011

SDCC 2011: Dwight Howard at Disney's 'Kick Buttkowski' Panel

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Walking in to a room during a panel only to secure a spot for the next panel is a common strategy at San Diego Comic-Con.  It's a strategy I used when planning to attend the Robert Kirkman panel. The panel I sat in on prior to Kirkman was for Disney's Saturday morning cartoon show called Kick Buttkoski.

The audience was of adorable kids asking the voice actors various questions about Kick and his friends. Some of the kids were even suggesting Wii games, costumes, and new story lines to pursue (super freagin adorable).

Imagine my surprise when all of a sudden Orlando Magic player Dwight Howard shows up to the panel. He voices the character Rock Callahan, a movie star and idol to Kick Buttkowski. After Howard's light flashing and booming music entrance, the panel premiered El Jaywalker, a grindhouse influenced mock movie trailer. It appears Kick Buttkowski is a cartoon I can get behind.

Of course some of the audience questions shifted a bit and the kids started asking Howard about his career in basketball:

QUESTION: When are you going to come to the Heat?
DH: Never.

QUESTION: When are you going to go to the Lakers?
DH: Don't know.

QUESTION: How does it feel to be taller than everyone?
DH: It's an amazing feeling, but I can't fit in to fancy Ferraris.

That last one was met with a loud, sarcastic yet friendly "aaaaaw" from the crowd.

The panel ended after a child from the audience asked Howard for his name tag, which he graciously handed over.

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